hair loss nightmare: how castor oil saved my thinning hair

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every time I talk to my friends about hair problems, they would recommend castor oil for hair loss, I'm not sure when castor oil became so popular as a natural hair loss treatment, but I had my doubts because Castor oil is so sticky and hard to wash off the hair, but I finally decided to give it a try in hopes of making my hair thick and beautiful again.

castor oil hair loss

My Story and why I decided to treat hair loss with castor oil

before I share my story with castor oil I want to give you a little background on my hair, I never had hair fall problems until recently, in fact my hair was always thick and healthy, but due to recent stress that kept building up in the last few years I started losing my hair. it wasn't bad in the beginning so I thought the hair shedding would stop, but it kept getting worse over time.

I did my research on all kinds of hair loss remedies, and I was actually surprised by the sheer volume of reviews, testimonies and success stories of the people that used Castor oil to grow thinning hair. I was convinced and I decided to try it and stick with it!

some of the benefits of Castor Oil to the Hair & Skin

Castor oil is well known & used through out history to treat multiple hair and skin problems such:
treating hair loss and promoting hair growth
preventing stretch marks
as a skin moisturizer
castor oil is also known for it's strong fungicidal property, and have been used to treat acne and skin spots.
it is rich in fatty acids and minerals and vitamin E which is really good for the hair and skin as well.

so does it really work?

I started using castor oil to treat my hair fall in the beginning of 2015, and been using it regularly since then. and YES Castor oil works wonderfully to treat thinning hair and it's an irreplaceable product in my hair care routine :)

you just need to remember that natural remedies don't work overnight, you need to use it at least once a week to see good results within 4-6 weeks.

tips for using castor oil to get thick and luscious hair

How to apply it :
I personally use castor oil after mixing it with jojoba oil in equal amounts, because it's sticky and doesn't spread easily, and I like to make sure it's getting to every hair follicle, so I take a little bit of this mixture, just  a touch on my fingertips, and massage my scalp with this castor oil mixture and then I will take a little bit of the raw castor oil and dab a little bit on my hair line & nape.

sometimes I'd wear a hot towel or a shower cap and wait for an hour for the oil to get absorbed into the hair roots before I wash it off, and on some lazy days I'd just apply a small amount to my scalp and go to sleep. it works either way based on my experience.

just remember that castor oil is so thick and sticky so don't put too much, and don't apply castor oil on your hair locks because it would be hard to wash off and will require washing your hair more than once and that can lead to dryness.

how often:
I used castor oil on my hair 1 to 2 times a week for the first year, and after I saw significant results I kept using it once a week to maintain the results.

you can also use castor oil to grow your eyebrows and lashes, specially if they became too thin from waxing or plucking, or from using false lashes, and don't worry you wont have crazy eyebrows because the hair will grow where it meant to be.

if you're interested in trying castor oil for your hair, I'd recommend these brands that I personally tried since I started my hair loss treatment with castor oil and think they are good and pretty effective

Now Foods Castor oil you can buy it from this link

Sky Organics castor oil you can order it from amazon from here

Tropic Isle Living  Jamican black castor oil click here to buy it

 I hope you get beautiful hair and the results you want :)

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