Sunday, November 29, 2015

Balsam's take on Europe: Zaandam, the Netherlands

I always love to spend my free time with traveling, as I believe that it is the best way to develop yourself as a person. There is always something fun to learn, and exciting people to meet! 

Last weekend, I spend it in Zaandam, a city which is located in North Holland. We visited the Zaanse Schans which is a very popular windmill destination here in the Netherlands, as it is the location where a collection of functioning saw mills, oil mills, a spice mill and many more interesting historical events/places - and not to mention that the view there is unbelievably beautiful!

Zaandam ( I like to call it the Ducth lazy town due to its colorful and unique architecture ) is the topic for today's travel post :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Balsam's Beauty Picks: Tips for customizing your wedding dress

My adoration for wedding gowns - gowns in general! - is extremely visible, and I always like to encourage brides to invest the time in finding the perfect wedding gown, because it is a clothing item which you will carry with you in your memories (as well as photo albums) for a lifetime. 

Customizing your own wedding gown may be a pricier alternative, but it does result in a gown that you have personally dreamed of ... a gown which you can call your own.I am aware that customizing a gown is not an easy job to do ... specifically for brides who don't seem to know much about what goes on the design process, which is why I decided to write today's Beauty Picks for brides wishing to customize her own wedding gown, but does not know where to start ...
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Mix and Match Metals For A Chic Look

It’s perfectly acceptable to mix gold and silver jewellery. Here’s how to make it look elegant.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Al-Balsam Life's Oman National Day special: 5 things I love about Oman

Being born with wanderlust is the excuse I use for my frequent traveling, which I admit is one of the most thrilling aspects about my life. The joy of traveling across the globe not only brings an amazing learning experience, but it also creates beautiful memories shared with distinct and various personalities. As much as I enjoy setting off on airplanes, my home Oman remains a valuable destination to my heart.

To celebrate Oman's 45th national day, Al-Balsam Life brings to you a list of  personal favorites about being at home, in Oman.
Me photographed by Sara Al-Hashar wearing traditional Omani costume designed by my mother

Friday, November 13, 2015

Balsam's Beauty Picks: African-inspired handmade jewelry

 Vintage fashion and items have always been an interest of mine, especially those which are inspired by cultural aspects and religious views. During my trip in Ghana, I was lucky to enjoy one lunch with an amazing view and great company of a couple of a Ghanaian heritage running a tourism business, with a small handcrafts boutique. The name of the boutique was 'Arty', which exhibited several African-inspired handmade jewelry and home decorations, as well as sculptures, cloths, and small souvenirs. 

I purchased a two-finger ring with a traditional mask sculptured on it, as well as a red necklace to match. Few more photographs are shown in this post.

Arty, Ghana

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Balsam's take on Africa, Ghana: TECH NEEDS GIRLS

During my recent trip in Ghana, one particular visit which caught my attention was of that to Soronko Solutions - a social enterprise focusing on software development and technology. It aims to use technology as a driving force to make use of the human's potential to the fullest.

TECH NEEDS GIRLS is part of Soronko Solutions foundation, and is a program which makes use of mentoring girls with the use of basic coding and technological skills in order to innovate and stay connected with the world. 
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