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Happy Saturday darlings! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I am having such a busy weekend with packing and cleaning and getting ready to head back home to Oman in a few days! *Can't waiiiit* ...

Today I left my place for a mini shopping trip to town, I decided to bike there since the weather today is very sunny and beautiful, only to realize that this heat is unbearable for my makeup! I quickly thought of this blog post on tips and tricks on how to survive the summer heat and keeping your makeup flawless ALL SUMMER LONG!


Primer is very important. I have to admit that I don't really own a primer *I tend to steal my sister's primer whenever it's possible*, however, there are several things that you can use to replace a primer (in my opinion and from personal experience, have worked).

I tend to use concealer on my eye lids just to make my eye contour area even in skin tone and get rid of any dark circles, but this step also allows any eyeshadow that use later on to stick longer! and thus the concealer somehow acts as a primer. On the other hand, if you experience really shiny skin and oily eye lids, then a good primer is certainly a must.

Balsam recommends:

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Go lighter, with everything!

In my opinion, I don't think its just the hair that goes lighter in summer! makeup should too. By lighter, I mean all sorts of lighter... as in lighter shades and lighter texture. Ditch the foundation for the BB cream or tinted moisturizer which are generally much lighter in texture.

Balsam recommends:

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When you know its going to be a sweaty super hot day, just don't go crazy with eyeshadow and all the face makeup. Keep it simple, and light. 

Go waterproof?

For those who know me, they will know that I am absolutely against waterproof mascaras! They do dry the lashes, and I am such a freak when it comes to taking care of my eye lashes. I just want them to look super long and healthy, so I always say goodbye to all waterproof products for my eyes. However, when it is this hot and it does get sweaty, waterproof mascaras could become your best friend.

Sorry I do not have any recommendations since I do not use any waterproof products :(

Go translucent *Only if you have to powder*

Translucent powder is literally my BEST FRIEND! I cannot go a day without using translucent powder. It just makes me feel secure about my makeup, knowing that I can go out and not worry about my face looking too shiny or my foundation getting outta control.

I'm a liquid foundation fan. I just love the natural finish it gives, but I always pair it with translucent powder to make sure it remains in place. I also touch my concealer with translucent powder to avoid any creasing.

I honestly do not like to opt for tinted powders or those with a hint of color, I just feel like it is too much especially when you have already applied liquid foundation. 

Note that only do this if you HAVE TO! sometimes in summer putting on bb cream or tinted moisturizer is enough ;)

My recommendation is the MAC prep+prime translucent powder. I have been using this for YEARS! and it is certainly my favorite MAC product
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I hope these simple basic tips and tricks help!

Share with me YOUR favorite tips that worked for you this summer :)

with love,

Hello beautiful people :]

"Should I buy a BB cream?"

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by my readers, I often get emails and comments asking whether it is good to invest in a good BB cream, and also "What does a BB cream actually do?" and all that. 

In this post, I am not going to go into great detail about what a BB cream does - because I have blogged about it previously when I compared BB cream to Foundations Here! - BUT, I do want to answer the question of whether you should buy a BB cream or not, because my answer to that question is very simple.

I personally think that buying or not buying a BB cream for your daily need should depend on how much coverage you need. If you want full coverage, or if you feel like your skin needs to be concealed heavily, then I don't think BB cream is the best match. However, if you need very little coverage then BB creams are the perfect solution for day to day makeup :)

For more information, check the post I have linked to earlier about comparing BB creams with foundations. Or just click here!

For now, Let me share with you two of my favorite BB creams - one drug store product and one a slightly pricy product:

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

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Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter BB Cream

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with love,
Hello beautifuls :]

Remember my beautiful friend Rona in one of my recent posts (click here to read) wearing a dress by AmicaFox?

Well now you can get yours by visiting the brand's official website:, with no shipping costs at all!! Keep reading for a 20% discount code especially for YOU guys!

AmicaFox products include dresses and leggings that are made to be stretched and comfortable, that is the first thing I noticed when I received my dress - I got the 'Reef' dress shown below - and I usually really love curve hugging dresses, but the comfort factor is always the problem. However, with AmicaFox comfort is really not a problem.
Reef dress by AmicaFox - Click here to view it
I think that AmicaFox products are fun, young, and can be worn on several occasions. I honestly would wear this dress to a party, or even just a simple night out with my friends! The comfort it provides makes it ideal for several occasions. 

One other thing that really impressed me from AmicaFox is the packaging! I received the package in a shiny silver bag that I really loved! it looks fabulous and can be even given as a gift. 

Other products that I like from AmicaFox? I am absolutely into their OM GANESHA LEGGINGS, they look super comfortable and fun. I am really into unique patterned leggings at the moment, and AmicaFox really provides the best!

Now the great news!!

You can now get 20% off your purchase from AmicaFox when you use the following code:

Exclusive for readers!!

Don't forget to show some love and visit their website:
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It has been a dream of mine as a fashion blogger to feature a blog post complaining about how annoying some fashion trends are! Especially those that look unbelievably good, but are annoying to be stuck with for an entire day.

Let me share one thing that you all probably already know

Comfort and fashion are not the best match out there. I mean whoever says that sky high heels are comfortable is a liar. In fact this lie has been classified as one of the most frequent lies fashion people say :) and I couldn't agree more.

High heels are one example, jumpsuits are another.

I adore jumpsuits, I love shopping for them, and I love wearing them! I like how they make my life of 'choosing an outfit' a hell loads easier, simply because they are one piece and most of the time not much needs to be added to them. I admit that opting for jumpsuits can be a big time savor. 

Don't get me wrong, I really do adore jumpsuits ... until I have to go to the toilet!

Have you ever been so desperate to go to the toilet, but had difficulty because you were stuck in a jumpsuit that you had to take off? It happened to me on several occasions and I honestly think it is super annoying to have to take off the entire outfit in order to get down with business!

Additionally, I really cannot keep track of all the times where I could have made my life easier and took a backpack instead of a cute tote bag to a day trip, or even to university! however, I always like to go for the cuter alternative ... which is not necessarily the most convenient in some situations.

I'd like to however acknowledge and praise fashion designers who are able to mix the two - fashion and comfort - very well. Coco Chanel once said: "Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds".

In the end, the moral of the story is that we tend to be victimized by fashion without us even realizing it. FACT.

with love,
Hello beautiful people :]

Those who know me, will probably know how obsessed I am with vintage and retro fashion. I just love collecting vintage items, clothing, and I like to feel and be inspired by whats old school. I love vintage fashion, and I love it even more when I see that today's trends are very much similar to what was trending 40 - 80 years ago :D

Stars like Marilyn Monroe made vintage fashion even more dominant in our modern day, due to the many fans that tend to follow her foot steps when it comes to style and fashion items. 

I came across a fabulous website of a boutique - named DARCCY - based in London, UK which creates beautiful vintage fashion that I will feature in today's post :) I hope you all like it x

As for the trends that I am absolutely loving, and noticing that they actually belong to an older fashion era ... the list is pretty long (as I am a huge vintage fashion lover), but I will focus on what's hot in our modern day and what I personally love. Here it goes:

1. The Cropped Top

The cropped top made a tremendous comeback this year! the crop top trend was very popular in the 90's, and I believe it made a debut by the pop star Madonna in the 80's. 

2. Peplum it up!

All by DARCCY - click here to view items, and purchase online.

The peplum has been popular in the 1940's and 1980's, and it has made a comeback ever since 2012, and is still very popular today in 2014. 

What I noticed is that the peplum began with stripes, and many other colorful patterns, and were specifically popular in spring and summer. 

I found several peplum dresses and shirts and even a playsuit! from DARCCY, displayed above. I am in love with the pastel colors and how lace is also interpreted with the peplum cut. Oh, which brings me to the next point: LACE!

3. Lace
All by DARCCY - Available here for purchase online!

Lace and netted fabrics have been acknowledged by many archaeologists, stating that they date back to 2500 BC. The lace has been prioritized by many influential style icons as their favorite fabric style, and has been chosen to take part in several important fashion moments - not to mention that even Queen Victoria chose a lace white gown when she married Prince Albert. 

with love,

Hello beautiful people :]

I feel obligated as a human being to share with you the following:

I have recently watched an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show that really touched my heart. The central theme of the episode was basically raising awareness on the social impact of several diseases that tend to affect the physical appearance of the victims - in this case - the children who were born with such rare conditions that inflamed bullying, and easy judgement towards them in their every day lives.

If you are interested, I placed the episode below at the end of the post.

Firstly, I have to admit that this topic is very dear to my heart, and tears cannot be held back while I type this . I have witnessed, in several occasions, such horrible scenes where the ignorance in people caused damage in the lives of others. It is the disease of ignorance that stimulates judgement and ability to feel superior and start calling other individuals names, and pointing out physical traits that are already visible and noticed by the victim. 

One thing that I am 100% sure of is that everybody is fully aware of their physical flaws and conditions, and it is not anybody's job to point out what is 'different' in others. Those children are probably fully aware that they are - and I hate to use this word - 'different' than others down the street, so why does it seem to be so important - to some people - to constantly remind them about that?

Speaking of my own personal experience, which is in no shape or form anywhere close to what those kids have to go through in their every day life: I have noticed, people like to point out each other's flaws, and find it extremely difficult to give compliments (for a very unknown reason). For a quick example, I can easily promise you that I cannot go a day without having a new pimple on my face and not being noticed by at least two people. Am I aware that I have a new pimple? Yes. Do I like to be reminded about it? No. Does it hurt to be told about it? Sometimes, yes.

Think about those who are born with such conditions that result in a much severe physical change. One cannot imagine how it is like unless they walk in their shoes. All I urge and hope in the world is to stop the judgement, and think before you speak. Words can kill, I've been killed several times by them. I do not wish for anybody - especially those children - to ever have to go through the pain of words from the society.

Broaden your minds, think more before you speak, and most importantly picture yourselves in their shoes. It is not easy, and harsh words will not make it any easier.

Please note that the example used in this post is not intended to be compared to the experiences of those children. It was just a quick example to be considered, just to see how difficult it must be for them. Additionally, I know that is a fashion based blog, which is an industry that is highly dependent on the physical traits of individuals, thus I thought it would be ethical to share it with my fan-base, with the hopes that the message gets carried across Xo

with love,