Yes, I have been single for technically my whole life, and I am not ashamed about that. I choose to remain single, and please don't ask why.

I read something important for every person (in my opinion) today on @manrepeller, written by a woman who was in a seven year relationship, decided to get married due to peer pressure, and got divorced a year later. She wrote this for the article: 

"A spouse is a supplement, a partner, but we’re all responsible for our own happiness. We overemphasize romantic relationships. Our roles as friends, sisters, daughters are equally important. I’ve realized I can accept and give love to so many different people in so many different ways. Turns out I had a lot of other places to put it." 

Know that you have many places around you to give love to, it doesn't have to be centered around a certain type of relationship. Most importantly, you have to give love to yourself before being able to give it to others. Despite my very young age, I always feel this pressure of having somebody. A partner. A male figure. This no longer shows any influence on me because I am also a daughter, a sister and a friend. I also have myself to show love to. Relationships are great, and it's nice to love and be loved, but please find your own happiness first.

I have known women and men who fell into this, got married for societal pressures and expectations, which left them in really poor mental states of self-doubt, self-hate and feeling miserable for a very long time. I am not against divorce, and sometimes whether you like it or not, you really need a bad experience in relationships in order to finally realize that you deserve real happiness and that you should find it in your solitude first, before sharing it with a possible life-time partner.

Do not feel ashamed of being alone, learn to love it and embrace it. I repeat, yes it's nice to love and feel loved, but you should also give that love to yourself.