Many have noticed today's google doodle featuring the 'lady photographer' Karimeh Abbud, only to be surprised by not really knowing who she is or what remarkable work she has done in her life career in the field of photography.

I admire Abbud's work, which is why I decided to write this post dedicated for her birthday and her legacy.

Karimeh Abbud is a Palestinian photographer and artist who was born in 1896 and was often nicknamed the 'Lady Photographer' as she used to identify herself by this title. During the first half of the 20th century, Abbud dedicated her life to art and photography where she worked in both Lebanon and Palestine. She died in 1955, leaving a collection of beautiful work of art and moments which were amazingly captured showcasing Arabic heritage and culture.

Karimeh Abbud | Karimeh Abbud fue una artista y fotógrafa profesional palestina y artista (nacida en Shefa-'Amr, Palestina, en 1896  y fallecida en 1955 en Nazaret) que vivió y trabajó en el Líbano y Palestina en la primera mitad del siglo XX. Era conocida como "Lady Photographer", y fue la primera mujer fotógrafa del mundo árabe.:

photo Karimeh Abbud - Procession at Festival of Corpus Christi, Nazareth, 1925 - Karimeh Abbud, born in 1896, (‘Lady Photographer’ as she used to identify herself):

Karimeh Abbud: