Some books you read them, learn from them, and life goes on. Some really good books end up changing your mindset and the way you view life in general, and that is exactly what Oprah Winfrey's 'What I Know for Sure' did to me. I always found Oprah a very fascinating TV presenter, and I thoroughly enjoyed her show while growing up, but now after taking a peak into her mind through her book, I find her an inspiring role model, and not just a TV face you see occasionally.

This book opens up about several life concepts which I found very important, such as love, friendship, loss and freedom. It presents these human concepts by sharing what sometimes seem like very personal stories from Oprah herself, which is a really good way to learn: by looking at other's accomplishments and their personal life experiences which then turned into lessons.

The book is divided into very small sections, some are even only a paragraph long. Each chapter has a central theme and is divided into several smaller sections based on that one theme. My personal favorite: human relationships & friendships. I take friendships and my relationships with people very seriously, and that was something I learnt again from this book.

Appreciation of oneself and spending enough 'me time' is also something I came to know thanks to Oprah; whether it my body image as a woman, confidence at work or even in making life decisions. I learnt that I must be my own best friend, companion and supporter.

This book is an easy read, and also very pleasant at the end of a very long day. It gives motivation, peace of mine and fulfillment for your day.