I come from a family of pomegranate lovers; being born and raised in Oman, from Omani blood ... pomegranates became a family obsession, mainly because we get the best ones from a place called Jebel al Akhdar here in Oman, which is famous in the region for its pomegranates during the final month of summer, and beginning of fall.

My father took the time to purchase boxes of pomegranate from Jebel al Akhdar, and I have been a pomegranate eating machine since then!

Like everything else, I had to read about pomegranates before engaging in an eating fest with it. Soon after researching about the benefits of pomegranates and its juice, I realized that this is one of my favorite super foods. It has several health benefits that I never knew about, in addition to its marvelously delicious taste.

Pomegranates have been scientifically proven to help in the reduction of fat around you waist/belly. You can read more from a research conducted by the university of Edinburgh.

I have been eating pomegranates for a little over a week now, and drinking all natural pomegranate juice for almost a month now, and I have noticed good results with both my skin, body energy and weight control. I stopped my regular exercise due to traveling and work-commitments, but continued drinking pomegranate juice with every breakfast and witnessed promising results when it comes to weight and fat control.

I do not know exactly whether this result is a coincidence, but according to science, pomegranates may help in the reduction of belly fat and fat control in general.