Ava Gardner, the woman who made the hooded eyes appear sexy. She is a retro-goddess and an absolute favorite of mine in terms of beauty and retro makeup looks. She is Al-Balsam Life's current girl-crush.

Ava Gardner was an american actress, born in 1922 and was actively participating in films starting from 1941. She gained attention when she appeared in The Killers in 1946. Gardner was very known for her gleaming green eyes and high cheek bones, which is what I personally find alluring with her physical appearance. She was not afraid to accentuate those beautiful features with the use of makeup; her cheekbones were often well defined and her fuller lips painted red, making her a retro-makeup icon.

The starlet had several marriages which were deemed as 'failures', as romance and love was not her strongest point. She was wedded to the famous Frank Sinatra (a musical icon of mine) from the years 1951 to 1957. She often made headlines as the woman Sinatra could not tame.

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