You may assume its a James-Dean-fangirl-teenage-crush sort of post, but not quite. I am proud of the men I feel attracted to, they're special human beings who deserve a mention on my blog; simply because I have learnt a tremendous lot from them. If you read my 'About' page, you would know that I write about everything I find inspiring and beautiful; and I do certainly adore men. They make life exciting, and attraction brings joy to our day-to-day life. So ... why not dedicate a post to those men?

I don't easily have crushes; in my short 21 years of life so far I can confidently state that I have only had crushes which I could count with one hand. Could it have been love? That's for me to know. I hate to get too personal digitally, it scares me to death. However, I feel like sharing these remarkable features in the men who attracted my heart is something to look back and smile at, because I want to. 

One could possibly argue that I cannot set rules to the type of people I feel attracted to; my only argument back would be: nobody knows me better than I know myself. Full stop. My experiences and taste never fooled me, and my attraction for people comes at a deep level that the face or physical traits don't stand a chance in being named a factor.

Speaking of physical traits: I don't prefer handsome men; I don't think I ever would fall for a handsome man. It's something I cannot explain, and would not try to explain. The men I feel an attraction to grow handsome the more I like them, and that's quite natural. I find myself more drawn into the vibe, or what I like to call: aura of the person. I don't mean to insult anybody who knows that I once had a crush on them by telling them they're not so handsome, because actually guys ... you have something which is placed far higher than good physical appearance: aura. 

The thing about handsome men: they are everybody's prey, and I don't wish to compete when it comes to something called love, or attraction. It is normal for a woman to be attracted to a man who is deemed 'handsome' by the general public, and if you know me well ... normal terrifies me. 

I like men who are not easy; challenging, I like to call them. A man is too available and down goes my interest. Yes, it makes my personal life much more prone for 'heartbreak' and ache but it makes me feel more alive and womanly. Oh and speaking of feeling like a woman ... that's exactly what attracts me the most in a man: he makes me feel like I am the most feminine female on the planet. I adore my femininity and I take pride in being a female. 

I also like the shocking factor, the looks on their faces thinking: 'how did you two end up together?'. It's what the internet generation would now call 'couple goals' for me personally.

Speed, fast and blue are three other words that make me attracted to a man. Opposites attract, it's scientifically known. I like a man who doesn't reveal too much about himself ... he has to make me curious, and even more curious as the days go by. I am such a curiosity driven individual, even in my relationships with others.

Then comes their clothing attire. I have previously spoken to those around me that I want a future partner with nothing inside his closet but the following: Basic T's, Blue Jeans and a really good suit (plus more T-shirts and jeans). I could be the most glamorous woman in the room but I still wouldn't mind to see my man accompanying me with a very basic T and blue jeans. Occasional leather is a mind blowing bonus. This statement comes rather hypocritical even to myself, because I am a lover of fashion and clothes!

Other traits worth mentioning are the following:

I've always had a thing for lazy smilers. I define a 'lazy smiler' as a man who does not offer his smile so generously.


Has a good taste in watches, scents and home/interior. 

Appreciator of art and music

A man with actions that speak louder than his words (I take this one very seriously)

A subtle romancer; no red roses on the bed, or unbelievably planned-out birthday surprises. I hate surprises. Make me a good home-cooked meal with an authentic sense of humor and you'd already secure a part of my heart.

A talker. Especially when it's just us. But he shouldn't be afraid to stop talking: no awkward silence, just a great vibe.

Should have fingers shorter than an average male's fingers (call it a fetish, I don't know)

Has to make me shy to a certain level. I take shyness as a sign of me being blushed and attracted to the person

Attraction is beautiful, and when it rarely occurs it gets even more beautiful.