I am not one of those bloggers who tend to cover everything that happens in fashion week, simply because that would bore me ... and I don't see it not boring some of my readers either.

I like choosing specific designers to showcase on my own little space, and express my adoration towards their work.

One of these designers is Tomas Maier who presented Bottega Veneta (which is by the way a favorite  of mine, in everything: fashion as well as beauty!) in the most classic, yet fashion-forward image you can possibly portray, The 2017 ready-to-wear collection promised its name and delivered beautifully; it was very, ready-to-wear! which many brands promise but fail to deliver on the runway.

Any woman can take several pieces from Bottega Veneta's RTW 2017 collection and actually wear it on daily basis. 

Let me talk about the leather jackets, be it for females or males. This collection had an amazing incorporation of leather in so many garments, not just the classic leather jacket.  Mixed with the crocodile-effect of texture, the very wearable leather is made luxurious. 

The colors were also a big hit for me, the earth brown tones, as well as the lighter shades of yellow and pink, as seen on Gigi when she walked out hand in hand with Lauren Hutton (I was astonished in amusement! LOVE).

What did you think of the show?