Music played in the radio nowadays bores me. It makes me sad and angry. The world needed today's girl-crush's talents. The blues, the jazz and everything in between.

I am a very big fan of music, and I am always attracted to lyrical geniuses. Amy Winehouse, was an example of a living lyrical genius ... even at the very young age in which she was an active artist.

There are many aspects that fascinate me about Amy, the identity created by her for herself became a cultural phenomena. Everybody knew who she was from the big hair, the dramatic liner and the beautiful voice which screamed 20's jazz. The death at a young age was certainly tragic, but something about early glamorous deaths attracts me. I see that most people I admire, or idolize passed away at a very early age ... Amy is an idol of mine.

The inspiration behind Amy's distinct style was clear: 1960's pop. The swinging sixties of London, the girl groups and the pop culture played a big role on Amy's image. Her big hair only got bigger and bigger as the years proceeded, the eye liner was thicker each time. 

Away from her magnetic personality comes the music. Her music is everything. Her lyrics puts me in a black & white 20's or 30's movie instantly. To celebrate her birthday (which is coming up soon on the 14th of September), I listed my favorite Amy Winehouse tunes - which wasn't a very easy job because technically my playlist is all Amy. 

Keep in mind that the following are not organized in terms of absolute favorite, these are just songs I really love by Amy

Back to Black
Tears dry on their own
I'm no good
A song for you
Wake up alone
Will you still love me tomorrow (cover)
What it is
What is it about men
Stronger than me
You sent me flying
Just friends
Amy, amy amy