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Razan Alazzouni is a designer born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She showed keen interest in all things related to art from a very early age, which is why she consumed her college years at The School of Museum of Fine Arts and TUFTS University in Boston. During those years, Alazzouni concentrated on sculpture, paper-making and screen-painting. 

Soon after graduating, Razan Alazzouni focused her energy into creating an artistic clothing line which clearly shows her tough of art and feminine taste. 

What caught my attention to her designs is the delicacy and feminine nature of everything she creates. Floral prints and embellishments, as well as the smart mixing of materials which are not conventionally worn together. The luxurious feel of clothes made by Alazzouni is seen through the designs, as they tend to move with grace. This is why I decided to have her as a designer under the spotlight on