There's a very good reason behind the 'internet sensation' this book created. The numerous instagram posts, tumblr blogs, snapchats and Tweets about Rupi Kaur's creation speak volumes about how beautiful this book is.

For those who aren't familiar with this book: It is a collection of poems written by the young (extremely talented) poet Rupi Kaur. She is a Canadian artist, with an Indian heritage. 

The book celebrates the art of survival using distinct themes which discuss abuse, femininity, healing, heartbreak, love and pain. The elevation from pain and heartbreak to loving one's self and healing is what makes this a remarkable work of art. Kaur managed to express her inner thoughts in the most beautiful way possible, using very simple modern day English. The simplicity is witnessed immediately from the cover: beautifully designed in black and white, with the words 'milk and honey' all printed in lower case letters.  

The title symbolizes prosperity and abundance; to me, it holds the meaning of the most perfect state of mind a human being may reach in his lifetime. It is the ability to be at peace with oneself, and being able to be happy with simple pleasures in life. Regardless the pain, the abuse or the heartache ... this book allows the reader to discover joy and inner-peace with the use of poetry. Trust me, it does not get better than finding peace with beautifully written poems.

I quickly became a fan of Rupi Kaur, her unique thoughts and courageous view of life is captivating, inspiring and certainly contagious.