Opera, a fragrance from the exclusive bespoke collection by Sospiro, and is a true Italian delight.

The scent of Opera is a beauty pick by me because it contains a mixture of my favorite scents: woody, sweet, fruity and spicy all at once. This great combination would certainly make a great fragrance.

The packaging of this perfume comes with a beautiful dark purple/blue velvet box with the brand's logo printed on it, and the bottle is then found inside laid on extremely soft, layered silky material. The design of the bottle itself is not very innovative, but it is dark and holds the scent quite well. 

What I like most about this perfume is that it is extremely long lasting! I don't think I have ever purchased a perfume with such long-lasting power! Another aspect which I adore is the presence of Oud, which is a very traditional and cultural scent from the area I come from. 

There has to be a downside: the price of this bottle (100ml) is sky-rocketing high. I personally purchased it for slightly more than 300 euros from the Netherlands. Prices online vary from 300 USD to 500USD for a fresh, out of the box new bottle. 

The availability of this perfume is also not extremely wide; I found it at a store named Nederveen Cosmetics in Enschede, where I used to live in the Netherlands. I have not seen this perfume anywhere else since then.

In essence, this perfume is majestic, sublime and amazingly long lasting, which is why I chose it as a beauty pick today.