The Fall '16 Prada runway looks are something. The print, the art, the skirts and pretty much everything is captivating.

I particularly took a keen interest in the skirts from the collection, which I browsed on They were more than just a design, but it was a beautiful creation mixing silk and the 50's silhouette in the most attractive way possible. It caught my inner aesthete. 

The Fall '16 collection from Prada is unique and made me a fan because it has an approach which I am very fond of. The runway collection focuses on the history of women's wear, creating silhouettes inspired by the 50's and the french revolution of fashion which was witnessed at the time. As a fashion history enthusiast, and an art lover, it was difficult not to adore the collection.

Printed silk-faille midi skirt
Metallic floral-jacquard pencil skirt
The unconventional mixture of gold with deep purple looks very Gothic, yet festive at the same time. The floral embroideries give an 18th century feel to the curve hugging skirt.

For a less 'challenging to style' skirt, Prada also included the classic wool-crepe mini skirt in this collection. The A-line silluette which this skirt ensures shouts ultimate cute, in a good way!

Wool-crepe mini skirt