From left: Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria; Me in Bordeaux, France; Madric, Spain

People seem to only be talking about the marvelous side of traveling frequently, but little do they know that there are pitfalls of traveling more often than the regular. Me, myself have experienced the pitfalls more than you could ever imagine. Why do I keep on traveling? you ask yourself. Well, keep on reading. 

I remember the first time I ate a pizza in Italy, had the famous CanelĂ© in Bodeaux or ate Fufu with my bare hands in Ghana. These first times are undeniably delicious, and being the food junkie that I know I am, I value moments like this. However, the wonderfulness of trying all these great foods where they are most famous leaves you craving for them when you're elsewhere, or when you are back home. 

To me now, a pizza is not just a pizza anymore. I find myself never enjoying any pizza I eat after eating what I call a 'real deal Italian Pizza'. I hate having the best of the best in the best places, then not having them at reach whenever I want. That's the number one pitfall for me as a traveler.

Second, I find myself occupied with planning my finances according to my travel dream destinations. I have spent fortunes on visiting new places, even had days where I was worried I'd end up with no money to eat ... all thanks to my wanderlust. I find myself investing so much on travel experiences that I sometimes forget other important things I must save for. This skill I came to learn after years of non-stop traveling; but yes! Travel can be draining financially, especially when you're still a rookie at it. After some time, I put together a list of things that helped me with traveling on a student budget (you can read those here).

Third: I simply miss my morning chai. Full stop.

Why do I keep on traveling? because regardless to how much you spend on travel, it always leaves your mind richer, your conversation more valuable and your mind more opened.