Shot by Herb Ritts

Herbert Ritts jr. or more commonly known as Herb Ritts was an american photographer who mainly shot photos in black and white. To me, Herb Ritts is an extremely talented black & white photographer and is thus an artist, a creator and a person whose opinion I would value.

One of my favorite quotations of his is the following:

"Many people who excel are self-taught"

I could not agree more with this statement. Self-studying makes you not only able to keep the speed at your own pace, but also focus on details which are more important to you when it comes to that specific skill you are learning. This certainly holds true for me.

I have self-studied several things in my life and I noticed that I am so much better at those things when compared to other aspects of life which were taught to me. An example is learning HTML and  PhotoShop. Did it take longer time to learn it alone? Sure! but am I happy with the results I've obtained so far? Absolutely.

Now, why am I writing this blog post?

well, because I want to encourage my readers to not wait for an external factor to teach them something they have been dying to learn, but to take that first step and attempt learning it by yourself! trust Herb Ritts when he says that excellence comes from self-learning, because he certainly did excel in his field.