I hereby nominate myself as the perfect candidate to give any form of advise regarding how to handle the summer heat, because you see, I literally come from the desert. I am as good as a cactus tree or a camel spider. I was born and raised in the blazing Arabian sun of Oman.

I am fully aware that the summer heat is very difficult to beat with what you're wearing, and of course ... one cannot go out in a bikini everyday, everywhere. What you wear - for example - to the office, must be appropriate for work, yet comfortable enough for you once you step into the sun. The AC-ed rooms in the office can be quite chilly, and finding the proper clothing that can transform to your benefit once you're back into the heat is a challenge.

As a qualified 'things-to-wear-when-its-almost-50-degrees-Celsius' person, I am here to help you beat the sun.

Original image by George Barbier
Image source (above): Tommy John Wear

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