Dear beautiful people,

I have been practicing an added beauty step on my skin-care routine ever since I returned home in, and I just could not keep my fingers from typing and sharing this with my beloved readers.

I returned home after three years of living under Dutch weather, which is a very drastic change in comparison to the Arabian heat I am used to here in Oman. My skin ALWAYS experiences redness, irritations and breakouts every time I change locations for a relatively long period of time. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I suffer a lot from that when traveling or switching my day to day activities. I noticed my sister doing something which caught my attention, so I gave it a try.

ROSE WATER: a very traditional skin-care and beauty remedy here in Oman, which is neglected by many these days. I decided to give it a try.

So here's what I do:

After taking a shower and cleansing my face I ALWAYS spray rose water on my skin. I also sometimes add it to my morning skin-care routine after cleansing my face with my organic face wash.

I did this without really knowing the benefits of rose water for the skin, so I went ahead and did my googling and found the following:

1. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore great for the redness I experience due to the heat here in Oman
2. Rose water is considered a great cleanser, which completes my morning and after shower cleansing perfectly
3. Rose water has been shown to help reduce acne and its marks (I still have to wait to see if this is true!)
4. Rose water removes oil and dirt from the skin (again, great cleanser) which is something I can already confirm from my short experience. My skin feels super clean after spraying rose water.

So what's my advice from this skin care secret?

If you are healing your skin, and wanting to deep cleanse it with a natural product: use rose water. Stay committed to it, and start seeing the results in no time.

Let me know what you think ;)