The problem with the society that I have been brought up with, is that we teach our daughters that they must watch out for shame in every step their little feet take. Shame, they use it as if it is nothing, when in reality it is a word that the tongue must feel heavy if it speaks it.

I bring shame to my family, to my parents, to my brother, to the ground that I walk on. That is what I have avoided my entire life. I have been taught that my short skirt would only bring shame to my family. Falling in love with a man who is not my husband would bring shame to my family. Going against societal expectation which brings nothing to me but suffocation, would also bring shame to my family.

Shame, is all I have been taught.

Now tell me ...

Is it so wrong to express one's individuality, in a way that does not harm any other living soul? Can someone please explain to me ... why does my core body bring shame to them all?

My sexuality, my hair, my smile and my personality. It all leads to shame.

It seems like even the breath I am about to take, is about to cause me shame.

I am a woman.

A woman.

Being born a female does not give you the right to associate my name with shame.