A beach holiday is always something to look forward to. After all, who doesn’t love to spend a week lying on the beach doing nothing more energetic than flicking through a magazine or ogling the hotties posing in the surf? To make the most of this fabulous opportunity, you need to look the part, so before you head out the door and make a mad dash to the airport, here are some tips to help you look super stylish this summer.

Choose fashionable luggage

Whether you are travelling for a weekend or a week, you need to take the right luggage. Cramming your belongings into an old holdall bag is just not cool. Stylish men and women always use designer luggage, preferably a smart wheeled suitcase from globalluggage.co.uk.

Look for hard shell designs with telescopic handles, so you can wheel your luggage through their airport with the minimum of fuss. Brightly coloured cases are best, as these are easier to spot on the luggage carousel when you arrive.

Wear the right Shades

It wouldn’t be a stylish summer beach holiday without a pair of good sunglasses. You don’t need to buy a really expensive pair of Ray-Bans or Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses from the airport shop. Look for a flattering pair before you fly. Discount stores like TK Maxx sell designer sunglasses at bargain prices. If you pick up an inexpensive pair of sunglasses, it won’t be a calamity when you subsequently drop them in the sea.

Pack Some Sexy Swimwear

Swimwear is essential for a beach holiday. You simply cannot laze on the beach in a pair of jeans or leggings. Bikinis are perfect if you are comfortable with the way you look or you look like a supermodel, but if you are less body confident, buy a one-piece swimming costume and cover up with sarongs instead. There are loads of great styles to choose from, some more flattering than others. Remember that cut-out designs look good in magazines, but not in real life.

The Right Footwear

Footwear is also important. Even if you plan on spending your entire holiday lying on a beach or relaxing by the pool, you need something to wear on your feet when walking to and from the accommodation. A casual pair of flip-flops is useful, but for nights out or sightseeing trips, pack a range of footwear. Gladiator sandals continue to be popular with ladies of all ages. For a seriously sexy look, go for some knee-high lace up sandals. Alternatively, invest in a pair of Perspex heels, rather like the ones Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing multiple times.

Have a Spray Tan

Most people make catching a sun tan their priority when on a beach holiday, but as we all know, the sun is not good for our skin. You can avoid this problem by having a spray tan before you go.
Being organised and packing the right accessories is the best way to have an enjoyable beach holiday this summer.