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Although summer is just upon us and we are in the full swing of things, it’s not too late to take a quick look at what’s trending this year. Usually fashionistas start hitting the fashion mags sometime in January when all the major design houses have their shows, but in reality, that isn’t the best time to make a gamble on what ‘might’ be trending when the fashions hit the market.

Actually, the very best time to see what is trending is early on in the season when those fashions have already been released and consumers have begun making their choices known. That’s how to find the 4 fashion trends set to be big this summer, and so when shopping at Axparis now in July, you know what the ladies are wearing. It’s a simple formula really, but one that works every time!

1. Shiny, Silky Fabrics that Cling

Summer 2016 has seen a resurgence of that sexy, shiny, silky fabric that flows yet clings to the body. This year, dresses reminiscent of lingerie are trending right down to the adjustable straps that are always seen on full slips. In fact, how long has it been since you’ve heard that expression – a ‘full slip’? In days gone by the ladies wore half-slips and full slips under their dresses but today those slips have become the dress itself. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. Loose and Billowy Tops

Ah, a taste of the 60s with those long and loose billowy blouses with a-line sleeves. Back in the day they were called peasant blouses and many had an empire waist just along the bra line. Today some blouses have the high waist but most are just loose blouses with no waist, yet they maintain the ultra-long billowy sleeves.

3. Metallics Are Huge

Both in the fashions themselves as well as in accessories such as bags and scarves, metallic threads woven into the fabric are once again huge. These metallics were also huge in the 60s, often seen woven into madras fabrics from which many blouses were fashioned. Whether as shiny threads adding depth to the fabric or as bits of metal adorning the item, metal is back and it looks like it may also be huge for the upcoming autumn and winter collections as well. Only time will tell.

4. The Midi Is Back with a Roar

Sometimes fashions become so big they literally burst onto the scene. Some fashion trends will sneak in unbeknownst to anyone but the designers and trendsetters that planned it that way, but other times some small trend will all of a sudden catch hold and burst onto the world of fashion. It appears as though that is exactly what happened this year with the midi length skirts and dresses and so it should come as no surprise that gladiator sandals are also big because they draw attention down to that part of the body where the midi hangs.

Now it’s simply time to sit back and watch if these trends hold true or if some other little nuance of current designs should catch hold foreshadowing those elements now trending. Even so, you can’t go wrong with these four fashion trends that are not only set to be big but have already made their mark in 2016. What the future holds will be fun to watch.