Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is my definition of a wonder woman. She has seen it all, collected it all and is a true authentic fashion icon who earned that title gracefully. 

I have watched the documentary named 'Iris' which features the life of the fashion icon. It left me mesmerized and completely longing to grow up to be a woman like her. She found life through collecting vintage items and traveling the globe (which is something I really love to do as well!). Her adoration for traveling encouraged me to seek further destinations and explore various distinct places from which I can collect a print to remember and embrace the memory. 

I personally think that a well traveled life is an ultimate goal, and is the best way to live. Traveling - not only it leaves you speechless and well experienced, it actually makes a great storyteller (even Ibn Battuta agrees). Iris knows exactly that, which is why I wish I can have her as a travel companion. Imagine how wonderful a conversation with a well traveled personality would be?

She described her travel experience to North Africa and The Middle East (which is the place I consider to be my home) a 'sensual' one, which - to me - shows that travel is far more valuable to her than just a mere vacation. She even stated that she "learn[t] a lot traveling ... all kinds of things. [she] learn[t] about people, about life ... you name it!"

Now at the age of 20, I write this with very small travel experience compared to the legend Iris Apfel, however I can already write 100 books from stories and special moments from my travels; from those moments, I collected real life lessons about anything you can imagine. I became closer to knowing how I want to live my life, who I want to become and most importantly I learnt significant amount of things about people. Traveling also gifted me with friendships and relationships I will value for a lifetime, or even longer. Like Iris Apfel said:
 "travel was my biggest teacher".

Iris during one of her travels 

That is why I would love to have Iris Apfel as a travel companion, because I truly believe we share the same lens when looking at traveling in general. There are also many things to learn from her, as she has seen it all, done it all and would probably have the best travel fashion advice!