Statue of Al-Mutanabbi in Baghdad, Iraq

I find it rather difficult to pick a dream destination, because to me - a very enthusiastic traveler - everywhere is a dream destination. However, I decided to start listing specific destinations I wish to visit at some point in my life, or have previously visited and still seem to be in amazement and in love with the destination, in order for me to look back at this list and plan even more travel adventures. Or in the case of places I have already visited, I wanted to give an insight about them for those of you who are avid travelers like myself.

To travel is to live. Books allow you to travel without even moving an inch, which is why my first Dream Destination is Mutanabbi street in Baghdad, Iraq: a street which happens to be a dream of mine, or a dream of any Arabic literature lover. Or any book lover.

Al-Mutanabbi street is a street named after the very well known Arab poet (who happens to be one of my favorite poets!) Abu at-Tayyib Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Mutanabbi. The street is a historical center of book-selling in Baghdad, and is located near the old quarter of the city. 

Baghdad has a tremendous history in Arabic arts and literature. It is known that books have always been written in Egypt, published and printed in Beirut, Lebanon ... but they were always read in Baghdad, Iraq. The city has always been filled with bookworms throughout history, and poetry and art was flying in the air. 

Mutanabbi street still - to this very day - holds countless book stores and hosts book flea markets on its ground, attracting Arabic literature admirers from around the globe. 

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