For most of us women, we can agree that accessories make or break the outfit. There are the long chains that we pair with our boho inspired maxi dresses. We have the drop earrings to wear with our elegant evening dresses and gold thin bands on our fingers to bring a touch of glamour to our work week.

These are the classics — the accessories most of us have and which we wear without batting an eye. Then there are other accessories — fun, corky, daring pieces that bring that fun loving, we-don’t-care-what-you-think-about-our-style type of pieces that are perfect when we are bored of the same old ones.

So which are the most upbeat of them all? Well, these three are high up on our list!

Bow ties

Bow ties belonged to a man’s world for far too long but this season, the bow tie must have been enlightened because it has found itself in women’s closets. Pairing this accessory with blouses or worn on a bare neck with a pinafore dress will make you look like the most daring of them all.

Nexus Pouch - Image source: Ginger and Smart


We have clutches and bowler bags, satchels and back packs but this season, pouches are being taken to the next level with beautiful designs in rich textures and colors which make them too tempting to keep hidden away in our handbags, so we are carrying them front and center on the streets.


Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a headband during a picnic with her family so you know that the long forgotten accessory is about to make a splash in the fashion world. This said, headbands have been making their way to the front this season with pieces in a variety of materials from pearls to gems, printed pieces and in a cacophony of colors to suit our style and taste.