Red wine is known for ages to provide you gorgeous skin and healthy body. Most of the French people drink red wine almost daily to stay healthy, beautiful and ever-so-young. As per studies, red wine has many antioxidants which prevent aging and some bacteria which protect your skin from acne. Benzoyl peroxide present in red wine is used in many medicines which cures acne and stubborn acne marks.

Let's see some benefits related to red wine which you might find interesting enough to include it in your diet.

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1. Heart-Friendly:

Red wine, when taken in appropriate quantity controls the accumulation of fat in your arteries leading to a healthy heart. We all are aware of the increasing heart disorders due to unhealthy lifestyle. Having a glass of wine along with your dinner might be enough to keep you fit and healthy.

2. As Exfoliant And Toner:

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Soak a cotton ball in some red wine and gently rub it on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Pat dry and you will get supersoft and glowing skin.

Many salons now offer you red wine exfoliating and you can do it at home as well. Add finely granulated white and brown sugar. Add honey to it and mix it with red wine to form a paste-like consistency. Apply it on your skin gently and it will scrub off all the dead skin cells and dirt from your skin and you will be left with supple, nourished, hydrated and glowing skin.

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3. Keeps Your Skin Young:

As already discussed, it has antioxidants which control the free radicals that are responsible for ageing in our body. The antioxidant called resveratrol has anti-inflammatory properties that can protect the body from various diseases caused by inflammation. It has flavonoids present in it which protect you from early ageing and keep your skin glowing.

4. Health Benefits:

Red wine has enormous health benefits that you can't avoid. Apart from heart health, it can prevent Cancer. A component called quercetin is present in it which lowers the risk of breast cancer. It also acts as a pretty good cure for nasal block or cold. The substance called resveratrol present in it helps in regulating insulin levels in your blood.

5. For A Good Night's Sleep:

Melatonin- a substance present in red wine relaxes your mind and gives you a healthy sleep. Remember not to consume over 50-100 ml.

6. Red Wine For Hair:

Rinse your hair with red wine after your regular shampoo and conditioner regime. This will leave your hair super shiny, lustrous and thicker. Also drinking half a glass of red wine daily improves your blood circulation and reduces the flakiness in your scalp.


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