I have encouraged the use of olive oil for skincare for many years (ever since I started learning about beauty and skincare!) as it is a great addition to your daily skincare routine. Olive oil consumption in food or direct application is great for skin. 

Here's why ...

Olive oil contains vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols which are three main antioxidants needed for protecting the skin from premature aging and damage to your skin. This anti-damage property is due to the rare compound called 'Hydroxytyrosol' which is found in olive oil.

Additionally, olive oil works like wonders as a natural moisturizer. Unlike commercial/artificial moisturizers which can clog pores, olive oil does exactly the opposite. Olive oil penetrates the skin and has deep cleansing effects which are great for a healthier looking skin. 

Last but not least,  I know that olive oil is also considered a gentle exfoliator and can be blended with other natural products to make an excellent exfoliation regimen. 

Now to how I managed to transform my skin by using olive oil!

I have recently noticed my skin becoming more and more flaky, unhealthy, wrinkly, and dry. I also noticed an increase in uneven skin tone and pigmentation which I absolutely detest. So I decided to make a transition to a more natural skincare routine which I unhesitatingly added olive oil to. 

I started using olive oil after cleansing my face every night by replacing my moisturizer and night cream/serum. I went to bed with only olive oil on my skin after deeply cleansing my skin. The very next day I woke up feeling deeply moisturized and significantly less dry patches, pigmentation and flakiness. 

I have continued to do the same for two weeks now and I can already see a tremendous difference on the condition of my skin. It somehow feels and looks younger, more glowing and certainly well moisturized.

Olive oil also works well for lips and hair.