Sharing my dreams and goals is something very private and dear to me, which is why I refuse to share such thoughts with everybody. I've always believed that actions speak way louder than words, and I wanted to show the world that I am capable of reaching my dreams instead of telling the world. 

However, I do have one simple dream which seems to be of utter importance to me. This particular dream, I certainly do not mind sharing.

 “Still, my dream in life is to come home and think of absolutely nothing. After all, you can’t think all the time."
- Diana Vreeland -

Diana Vreeland is one of my role models, and I often take her publications seriously. I love what she said about her relationship with her husband, or her view on love in general - you can read more on that here! but what I love even more is her view on life, not just love (which I came to notice is a big part of life by the way!)

I share the same dream as Diana Vreeland. My ultimate goal in life is to come home and not think about anything, but just live each moment. 

One day, I will hopefully be blessed with a family of my own, a supportive group of relatives and friends around me who have seen me through my best and *most importantly* my worst, and a solid career that I can thoroughly enjoy working on. I seek ultimate happiness where nothing bothers my brain, but only maximum joy and living the moment with my loved ones. 

Isn't it beautiful? to not think about anything at all once the day is done?