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Is there anything more beautiful than a nice smile? Everyone knows people that have them, and they light up people's’ lives. It doesn’t take much – just a quick flash of their pearly whites and you suddenly feel better about life. Plus, they look younger and fresher than most people on the planet. Some people say that everyone is born with their beauty features, but that statement isn’t true. A smile can be modified over time if you know the tricks of the trade. Smile for the camera!

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Tidy Up Your Teeth

Your teeth are going to be on display, so you need to make them as presentable as possible. Obviously, they always need to look clean and hygienic. A good scrub in the morning should do the trick, as long as you double up with mouthwash. Flossing is also a good idea. For those of you that don’t have picture perfect teeth, you can always consider surgery. Going under the knife is never a simple decision, but this is about as routine as it gets. A good cosmetic dentist will have you in and out of their surgery in a few hours. When you leave, your teeth will look perfect.

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Be Natural

The most common mistake is to tense up and form a smile that is completely unnatural. If you have heard the saying the camera doesn’t lie, you will know that you can’t get away with such a smile. Instead, you should smile as you would normally. Try and relax and let your muscles take control of the process. When you don’t think about it, you look much better on camera. A good tip: think of something that makes you laugh. The smile that spreads across your lips will look completely natural.

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Stand Up Straight

Bad posture can make it seem as if you have a double chin. The reason for that is that your body position isn’t in the right place. Don’t lean your head too far forwards or slouch as that only exacerbates the problem. Instead, stand up as tall as you can without looking out of place. Remember that you still need to look natural, so you don’t want to stand up too straight. If you want, you can turn your head and drop your chin ever so slightly. People that use this technique aren’t square on to the camera, which can make a picture look worse.

Practice Makes Perfect

Do you envy your photogenic friends that look perfect in every picture? Well, their secret is a simple one: they practice smiling. It might seem stupid, but practice makes perfect. The more that you practice it, the more natural you will feel in a photo. So, try a selection of grins in front of the mirror to see how they work. If you like one, make it your stock smile. All you have to do is remember how to perform it in a live situation.

A great smile is a great way to look beautiful and welcoming all of the time. What you need to do is follow these tips to make your smile sparkle.