Suzy Parker and Robin Tattersall - dress by Dior, shot by Richard Avedon
As a fashion history enthusiast, I can without hesitation state that there is nothing like Dior in the 50's. Christian Dior transformed the 50's by giving women the freedom to accentuate their femininity by popularizing the large hat, long skirts and bar suits.

Christian Dior brought back life to the French fashion industry post world war 2, which gained him a tremendously large fan-base. He managed to bring back femininity and fresh air to the French woman, and then to the entire world.

Hats above: (Left: a Dior hat in 1955; Right: Dior Florentine hat in London)

Hats and the bar suit were a central fashion item from Dior back in the 50's. Although the collections presented by the designer has a masculine sense, Christian Dior in fact wanted to encourage femininity and women to embrace and accentuate their curvy body nature.

As for gowns and evening wear, Dior loved to experiment with fabrics and layers as most of his designs were flamboyant. Strapless evening dresses were a highlight designed by Dior, as he seemed to favor such designs for evening gowns. This perhaps was ideal to showcase a woman's feminine upper body.

Dior coats (left); Dior hat and dress (right)

Dior's influence and print on the fashion industry remains visible up to this very day. The iconic Dior bar suit is often seen as inspiration to many designs witnessed on today's catwalks, as well as the strapless flamboyant evening couture gowns.