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A couple of days ago, I shared on my SnapChat account how I typically spend my Saturday, from the moment I wake up to the moment my eyes shut down at the end of the day. 

I found it rather interesting how the reactions of my followers were mainly focused on how I manage to wake up so early. For a start, it helps to be a morning person. I cannot deny that I am pretty much a morning person, as I find mornings my favorite time of the day to be productive. However, there are certain tricks I like to use to maintain staying motivated to wake up early and spend my morning well.

Many asked me about motivation and how I manage to wake up so early even on Saturday, which is why I decided to write about it.

First of all, let me assure you that - like every other human being - I do have my lazy days in which I do absolutely nothing, and there has been several days where I wake up at noon. Such days, are ones where I find myself least productive (and least happy to be honest). I find happiness and peace when I know I deserve the sleep at the end of my day, which is why I prefer to maintain waking up early and using my day as productively as possible.

I did not prepare a set of rules to follow on how I stay motivated to wake up early, so I am writing this as it goes ... whatever comes to my mind, I type it.

The first thing that comes to my mind is my parents. They are both morning people, even more than I am! I always found it admirable how my father is able to be awake by 4:30am every single day, and every time I woke up at home I found my mother already accomplished a long list of things in her day, because she woke up early. Their morning energy became almost contagious to my sisters and I. 

Growing up, I saw two people use their morning very productively every single day, which makes it difficult not to grow to become like them. Additionally, as a child I had very strict sleeping schedules, and I was expected to be asleep and awake at a specific time. Things like this really stick to my lifestyle even at the age of 20. 

Time was also an aspect of life often stressed by my parents. 'Time is like a sword, if you don't cut it it will cut you' - an arab proverb my father repeatedly said to my sisters and I. That saying rings in my head often, which is why I choose to wake up early to have the feeling of having a longer day than most people.

You may already know that I am a book worm. I love reading and I love books, and I love my alone time with a good book. I specify about 30 minutes of my morning for reading. If I don't have many plans or work to do during the day, I can spend hours reading in the morning. However, usually I have plans every Saturday which is why I wake up 30 minutes earlier than I should in order to find the time to read. To me, it is the most relaxing way to start my day. I often read poetry, a good novel (currently I am reading Alice in Wonderland and What a wonderful world), or just surf the internet for interesting facts or news.

This short period of reading keeps me motivated to wake up earlier, because it is a time of my day I really value and find difficult to fit during my busy day. I strongly recommend that if you wish to use your mornings better and wake up earlier, you should find something that you do alone, a ritual that you do just for yourself. To me, that would be reading.

I once read a book about why most successful people are early birds, and I noticed that all the great individuals featured on the book have a morning routine for themselves, whether its sport, visiting a local cafe for a great cup of coffee every morning, or reading the news!

Another morning ritual of mine is making herb milk tea, or what I like to call 'Chai' (you can find the recipe I use here!). I always look forward to the time of drinking my morning tea, it relaxes me and it tastes delicious. In general, I really love a good morning home-made breakfast for which one must sacrifice a bit of sleep in order to be able to have it every morning. 

Last thing that I could currently think of is the satisfaction I have at the end of the day when i'm about to sleep. I find that when I wake up early, I lead a productive day which makes me happy at the end of the day. When I go to bed at the end of it, I feel like the sleep i'm about to have is well deserved and to me that is one of the greatest feelings I encounter in my day.

If you are interested, you can find a time-line of my morning routine below

I received many requests to post such Snaps more often (If you are interested, then add me on snapchat: xBalsamx. I will do my best to keep such snaps coming).