Three of my many selfies

I hereby proudly state that I have gained the nickname 'selfie queen', which is why I believe I can take the initiative to write this blog post today.

Although it is quite hilarious to me, I am actually often asked for tips on how to take the perfect selfie! which does somehow boost my ego (I cannot lie about that). I often respond with: 'like everything else, taking a good selfie takes practice', however there are several things that can enhance your selfie which I believe work for me. 

I will share with you five tips that help me with my selfie-taking.

There are plenty of things you can do to perfect a selfie, but I tried to narrow the list down to 5 points which I personally use.

Number one is aimed to find your personal favorite side of your face, to me that would be my left side. I am sometimes found taking selfies on my other side, however the majority of my favorite selfies which I consider good show my left side. Knowing which side of my face I prefer makes me more comfortable when taking photographs in general.

Second, I came to realize that tilting your head and taking the selfie from an angle above your face works best for me. Therefore, number two tip would be to tilt your head at an angle. This makes your face look more defined and any unwanted areas (such as a double chin) disappear. 

Third would be to find the perfect light! On a good sunny day this can be easy. I personally have a huge window in my room which is my favorite selfie-taking location in my apartment. Daylight is the best for taking selfies.

Perfecting your skin is also very important when taking a selfie, this is a long term goal. You have to take care of your skin if you want your selfies to be flawless without the need to Photoshop. I feel much more confident taking photos when I know that my skin is in a good condition. There are several makeup tricks you can do, such as using concealer, highlighter (which works perfectly when taking selfies, as it captures the light very well and highlights strong points of your face). 

Last but not least, a good photo-editing app is always a good idea. I must admit most of the selfies I post online are edited, and my personal favorite photo editing apps are VSCO Cam and Aviary. I rarely use photoshop for my selfies, almost never actually. 

To summarize, scroll down to see a few examples of my long list of selfies :)