It’s Monday again and the dreaded moment is here: choosing your work attire and parting with the comfy weekend outfits. With all the sartorial advice around, it’s still quite difficult to settle your office wear for the day and keep an eye out for the rest of the week too. 

Nonetheless, you should remember that office wear doesn’t necessarily translate through boring or restrictive. However, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to work attire. We’re here to help you navigate through them. Let’s get started. 

The Classic Pants and Blazer Tailored Suit 

It doesn’t get more basic than this. Tailored suits composed of pants and a blazer have been the trademark of working women ever since we snuck into pants, leaving dresses somewhat behind. Tailored suits are clean-cut, they offer a sense of empowerment and bestow confidence in one’s strength and capabilities. 

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DO: Wear the perfect pants size for you. Wear a perfectly tailored blazer. Wear the tailored suit with feminine blouses (a structured shirt, a silky blouse, a bowtie shirt, a button up shirt with a Victorian collar) depending on the office look you want to achieve. 

DON’T: Don’t invest in a tailored suit if you’re not sure of the sizes. The pants have to be a great fit for your body shape and your height. Pants that are too large or too long will make you look slouchy. The same applies to blazers. A blazer must follow the lines of your body, even if it is a men’s fashion inspired blazer. Here are some tips on how to choose a good tailored blazer for you. 

The Little Black Dress, the Little White Dress 

The best thing about these classic and essential fashion items is that they are super versatile. You can wear them on a night out, at a dinner party and they make excellent office wear if worn correctly. 

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DO: Choose office appropriate lengths. A dress that ends just above the knee is a perfect addition to your work attire. 

DON’T: Don’t choose dresses that show too much of your legs. A short dress will look tacky in the office. Avoid dress lengths that allow even the slightest hint of a peek at your stockings’ garter and spare yourself a load of embarrassment. Don’t overdo it when it comes to details. Keep the style clean. 

The Office Skirt 

Skirts already complicate our Monday mornings. An office outfit constructed with the skirt as its centerpiece will require more attention to details and the items we choose. Nonetheless, there are some dos and don’ts regarding the office skirt as well. 

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DO: As with dresses, choose the appropriate length for an office outfit. Pencil skirts, A-line skirts, pleated skirts or wrap skirts are all appropriate to include in your work attire. Mind the length, though. With the exception of pencil skirts which are knee length by default, the rest come in all sorts of lengths. 

DON’T: Don’t head to the office with wrinkled or stained skirts. This style tip applies to all of your office attire. Invest some time in the morning to iron your office skirt thoroughly. A successful and chic work attire depends on these tiny details. As with dresses, don’t let your garter show from underneath your skirt under any circumstance. Don’t choose flashy colors that draw too much attention. Last but not least, don’t choose skirts that feature massive design details such as structured bows or oversized wrapped details. 


Accessories are key to injecting a personal style to your work attire. The most important accessories are those that will be part of your look throughout the day: jewelry items. Bags, hats, sunglasses and others are equally important. Nonetheless, once in the office, you will leave them aside. 

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DO: Wear classy, timeless jewelry pieces such as pearl stud earrings, pearl chokers or a classy feminine watch. If your office wear for the day is rather plain, wear one statement piece to spice it up. 

DON’T: Avoid tacky jewelry items, poor imitations, and not so qualitative pieces. Don’t choose flashy statement jewelry pieces that have one notch too much sparkle.


Shoes can make or break a successful work attire. Whether you’re opting for the comfortable ballet flats, variations of Oxford shoes, the classic black pumps or heels, shoes add a note of distinction and personality to an outfit. 

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DO: Choose shoes that you feel comfortable in. Comfort inspires a dynamic and confident attitude. As such, it’s not worth stressing over the pain of wearing heels with your tailored suit if it’s going to alter your posture and make you look sloppy. Be creative with your shoes. A number of office outfits can become rather standard, lacking a personal touch. Shoes can change that for the better. 

DON’T: Rule number 1 – don’t wear dirty shoes. As these items have the power to change your entire work attire, wearing a dusty pair, for instance, will draw attention to the flaws. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. Don’t choose flashy or tacky designs and always aim for quality. 

All in all, Mondays can be a bore when it comes to choosing the perfect work attire. However, in all fairness, the same feeling persists throughout the week regardless of one’s innate sartorial sense. Use these few dos and don’ts to make your life just a little easier when it comes to choosing your office wear.