March 19th marks the kick-start of spring this year, and with all of my favorite styles trending this season, it is difficult not to be super excited about this season.

From a knockout take on the classic white shirt, to traveling back in time to the 70's obsession with suede, this season will be filled with exciting, and creative designs inspired from the spring/summer runways,

Balsam's Style Picks for Spring 2016
Who doesn't adore suede? it takes you back to the 70's cool chic instantly when worn. Luckily, the 70's suede is back on the trend list for spring 2016. I noticed in many stores, one popular item is the suede skirt inspired by the 70's styles; it is distinguishable with the design of the buttons along its center line. Similarly, suede jackets are also a highlight for this season.

Quick side-note for those who aren't aware what suede is, it refers to fabric of leather with the flesh side rubbed, giving a 'velvet' feel to it.

70's inspired suede garments

Another style pick for this season is anything fringed: fringed jacket sleeves, skirts, shoes, bags, whatever you can name! I know that this trend appeared last year also but this year it extended to more clothing types, as it is no longer restricted to the common (sleeves, shoes and bags) but now it can be often found on skirts (many also mixing suede with fringe which is always a good idea!).


The white shirt is a classic and a must have item in every person's closet, regardless gender. It can be worn with almost anything and can manage to fit day-time and evening-time activities, with little styling adjustments. This season, the classic white shirt is transformed and is made the basis of many designs (see image below as an example). Whether it is cutouts, asymmetric shirts, or statement sleeves.
The new take on the White Shirt

Which one of these three trends do you like the most? let me know in the comments below Xo