From Zara's ungendered collection launch

I woke up today to the news of Zara - one of my favorite clothing stores - launching a new collection, labeling it as an 'ungendered' collection. This means that all garments can be worn by both genders.

I was quickly drawn into finding out what pieces are included in such collection, hoping to somewhat witness a creative way of merging both the best of both worlds into one collection. My expectations were awesome jeans and perhaps even an awesomely fitted white shirt (as it is the season to wear over-the-top white shirts for spring 2016). However, I must say that I was disappointed after viewing the launch photographs.

The collection consists of hoodies, basic T-shirts, sweatpants, etc. The fact that the collection's name includes 'ungendered' makes it appear as a bold statement, when in fact the collection is everything but bold. The collection seemed somewhat much more masculine to me, making it seem biased. It was also too simple, lacking creativity and even design. 

Baggy jeans and grey plain hoodies were the highlighted items from the collection, which are nothing new to the world of fashion (and are items that I wouldn't wish to purchase personally). 

What do you think of Zara's ungendered collection? Let me know in the comments Xo