My very good friend Rona and I during a day at university

Friendship; one of my favorite words, and is one thing that I truly believe deserves more attention.

I find myself surrounded by people talking romance, education, travel, expressing their importance to humanity, but seldom regarding one of the best things that ever happened to me: Friendship

I clearly recall my father somewhat guiding me on how to know when you have real friends. He told me that "you will meet many people in high-school, only very few of which will continue to remain good friends with you after high-school. Once you go through university, some of those friends may still be with you after all those years, then you can call them your real friends". I strongly remember my father's emphasis on the fact that the number of friends maintaining friendships after separation will be very low; it felt like he almost wanted to prepare me for disappointments, and now I fully understand why. 

Today, four years after graduating from high school, I realized that I did lose friendships which back then seemed eternal. I maintained contact with old friends who seemed to value our friendship more than others, met new people, made new bonds and finally came to realize who my real friends are. 

I don't plan to passionately express how much I love my best friends through this post, but I want to have it as a reminder to put efforts in maintaining friendships you find valuable, for anybody reading. The thought crossed my mind while reading Bronnie Ware's book titled '5 TOP REGRETS OF THE DYING' which *surprise surprise* included not maintaining friendships. 

I simply did not want to be part of the regretting gang who do not value friendships as much as it deserves to be valued.

My advice is: spend time with friends, listen to them, talk to them, and don't take them for granted.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.