Marilyn Monroe rocking the Blue Jean
There's a reason why even the legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent often stated his wish of having invented the classic blue jean. From 1871 to this very day, and many more years to come, the blue jean continued to be a must have item in everybody's closet. 

The blue jean was invented in 1871 by Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co [1]. It is described as basic trousers made from denim, and have been a partner of human kind ever since its invention. What used to be more of a manly garment, became an iconic fashion item in womens wear and is now found in unlimited styles: whether it is the ripped jean, basic blue jean, or the washed-out boyfriend jeans. 

I am a huge fan of jeans, which may come as a surprise to some as I am often seen dressed in black formal pants. But actually, my largest collection of pants are *surprise surprise*: JEANS! I love collecting jeans and have tried several brands and shades of blues. I love the fact that you can dress a pair of jeans up or down easily. It is sexy, simple, practical, yet can have a very feminine feel to it in this modern day.

Al-Balsam 'Jean' bible

Here's a selection of jean styles made by me on a Friday night:

The classic blue jean: The blue, straight-leg classic jean.

The ripped blue jean: the cute, yet can be extremely trashy if not worn correctly, modernized version of the basic blue jean. Became popular in the late 80s and are now back on trends. Personally, I was not a fan until my older sister Salsabil talked me into buying one, and now I love it! 

The Carpenter blue jean: you know those pants worn by carpenters? yes that's what I'm talking about here. The carpenter blue jean added many pockets and loops to the basic, classic blue jean. The name Carpenter is chosen because such jean, just like a carpenter's pants, will allow you to carry many things around with you

The Skinny blue jean: My absolute favorite! made popular in the late 1080s among the punk-rock population. The skinny jean was then brought back to life in 2006 and remains a very popular style of jeans. I once had a conversation with a friend of mine about which trends we would never wants to disappear, and the skinny jean was definitely part of the list

The flare-leg blue jean: I remember when this was very popular in the 90s and early 2000s. My mother was a big fan of this style, and I remember absolutely hating it because it reminded me of old school photos of my parents (not in a so good way). Now, the flare-legged jean is making a comeback!

What's your favorite at the moment?

1. Loverin, Jan (2006). "A Nevada Stylist: Your Denim Jeans Are a Nevada Invention" (PDF). Nevada State Museum Newsletter 36 (3): 4.