Lauren Bacall in 1946

It is no secret that the glamorous Lauren Bacall set trends back in the 40's with her famous S-wave hairstyle, which to this very day remains a desired look for a glamorous hair-do among many women. Whether it is an up-do or a hair-down, Bacall's waves struck the glam scene significantly.

I am currently reading Dita Von Teese's book 'Your Beauty Mark' where she described the hairstyles that she's been sticking to for the past 20 years or so, one of which is inspired by Lauren Bacall's 1940s S-wave. 

Before attempting to accomplish such hairstyle, one must know the hair type because the hair type will influence the best method of curling the hair. I attempted to make such hairstyle for last year's prom, and with my naturally wavy hair it was possible to use a curling iron and curling the hair outwards away from the face to achieve such effect. 

Hair like Lauren Bacall takes tons of practice, which is what von Teese also states here