I almost want to hate myself for not realizing the importance in looking back at the history of fashion in my very own motherland: the Sultanate of Oman at an earlier time.

Ever wondered how each region in Oman managed to develop its own idea of beauty and sense of style, making each city almost immediately distinguishable only by its people's external appearance: through their clothing? The variety of clothing style across my homeland Oman serves as proof that we - as an Omani nation - really do take care of fashion; we have always been looking at the extreme details when it comes to the way we dressed as a nation.

As a lover of history, and a person with severe passion towards fashion, I decided to bring the two together to showcase a collection of beautiful vintage photographs of women around Oman.

Photograph of Omani woman on the left wearing traditional clothing; On the right are traditional silver jewelry from Oman often worn on the ankles of a woman

Femmes d'Oman is the title I chose for this series, which is french for 'Women in Oman'. The inspiration came while I was scrolling online looking for inspiration from Omani traditional clothing, after realizing that vintage photography in Oman is of vast beauty.