"When will you realize ... Vienna waits for you?"

‘Vienna is an overrated city; go to Prague instead’; those were my sister’s words when I asked for recommendations before I flew to Vienna during winter at the end of 2015. I chose to disregard her words, forcing myself to never believe them as Vienna has always been my favorite city even before I’ve scanned my eyes around it! The art, the fact that it is the capital of classic music – and a city where almost everybody is dressed in fur! – makes it difficult to not fall in love with Vienna. The city defines class and good taste, which are two things I am very fond of.

My first encounter with Vienna was marvelous. Jazz was literally playing in the air, and for those who know me probably can tell that if you play me some jazz, you can make me the happiest girl in this planet and if you're lucky, make me fall in love.

I like to pay tribute to the role art plays in making Vienna such a dear city to my heart. I have never been more impressed with touristic souvenirs the way I was when in Vienna! Even the tourist souvenirs were extremely musical and classy; it was difficult not to purchase the entire store.

And then you have the Christmas markets … filled with sweet delights, snow globe heavens (yes, the snow globe was initially invented in Vienna, they even have a snowglobe museum!). The Christmas spirit was also pretty much alive in Vienna; the cold I did not appreciate very much, but the delicious winter snacks and stalls compensated for it.

Did I already mention that I have never seen a city where so many people are dressed in fur? Another reason to love Vienna – sorry PETA.