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I have never been the type of person who is into outdoor activities and team sports, in fact I was always the contrary. Being the one team member who always brings the rest of the team down in physical education class, and the person who almost gets hit on the face by the ball every single time does not make sporting and exercising an admirable thing for me to do. However, as I write this article I am sitting in my gym clothes as I have just returned from a very promising workout. So how did I manage to switch my hate for physical education class to a love relationship with fitness?

“Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight.”

Although many may not agree to what I am about to say: but as a woman who is pretty much into fashion and beauty, I have found that my hobbies became my favorite motivation to staying at a healthy range of weight which – of course- requires a healthy lifestyle, including fitness and a good diet. I consider fashion to be my number one motivation and reason to stay motivated to go to the gym because let’s face it: clothes look much better if you have a good body!

Similarly, good skin requires a healthy lifestyle which must in some form include exercise. I am obsessed with skin-care and therefore find fitness a vital component to my skin-care regimen.
Another mindset which I take with me every time I decide to go to the gym is that ‘my top priority is not to lose weight, but to be healthy’. Losing weight can sometimes be a challenge which can frustrate you, depress you or even demotivate you because it is not visible at a rapid pace. Ever since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I have had this mindset of doing whatever it takes to keep my body as healthy as possible which worked as a great motivation for me to hit the gym and exercise regularly.

Keep in mind that I am aware that many of you are reading this with the goal of losing weight in mind, so don’t get me wrong: I am not asking you to dismiss that goal entirely, but just don’t make it your number one priority. A good healthy body requires regular exercise, make that something to aim for: having a perfectly healthy body that your 80 year old self would thank you for.

Another thing which works very well for me is setting goals at the beginning of the week and writing them down; my goals at the beginning of each week always include something which is fitness/health related. Write down the time slots in which you plan to go to the gym, and trust me when I say that scratching those slots as the week proceeds feels amazing after you actually accomplish them.

Last but not least: take a friend with you! Ever since I made workout buddies, I have been much more committed to attending the gym. It keeps me feeling that I am not alone in this process, making it much more enjoyable to workout indoors (plus it’s always fun to catch up with each other’s latest personal updates in the gym!). Additionally, I also like to always be reminded about people whom I admire in terms of body image. My personal inspirations are Khloe Kardashian and Dita von Teese.

What are your tricks for staying motivated to go to the gym in 2016?