Dita von Teese
People who follow all the rules and chase every trend tend to get forgotten - they look great, but they're not as memorable.

Dita von Teese is one of the very few human beings to proudly classify herself as a stripper, burlesque performer and a striptease artist. Being a woman from a very conservative heritage (yes, I am born and raised in Oman), it may seem rather unusual to place Dita as one of my ‘female crushes’ because of the nature of her job and its contradiction with religious views I have been brought up with. However, the more I learn about Dita von Teese, the more admirable she becomes.

I have always found women who are not ‘lazy’ with maintaining a glamorous side of them very inspiring, and Dita is certainly the queen of doing that in our age. She admits that she is a fan of eccentric glamour that is created and not natural, stating that “[she] love[s] glamour and artificial beauty”.

To me, she is certainly worthy of being categorized as a style icon; she has a gorgeous retro aura around her, wherever she goes. Her signature cat eye-liner and bold red lips always make her presentable, which is something I admire because it is very feminine. 

In addition to her eccentric style and vintage taste, she has a strong persona and is willing to do whatever makes her feel sexy, which is very empowering for me as a woman. Through her books and watching her interviews, I learnt how to never allow anybody to enforce an idea of beauty to my mind, but to be more confident with what I personally define as beautiful. Similarly, she encourages women to embrace their sexuality which is a divine power god gave us as women.

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Please note that I choose not to get involved in any religious arguments due to this article.