Me while getting ready to go to Albertina Passage, Vienna

For any individual seeking to fulfil their love towards fine dining or have an eargasm with live jazz music, Albertina Passage located in Vienna is the destination for you.

During my visit to Vienna this winter with my good friend Rona Pradipta (read her blog here!), I have secured a reservation at the eccentrically elegant Albertina Passage, where we both enjoyed deliciously made meals which when served almost looked like a work of art. According to Rona, her Risotto was the “best risotto [she] ever tasted”, which she still boasts about even today. The restaurant has an amazingly comfortable atmosphere which would be appreciated by any Jazz lover, and the staff made the experience even more memorable by their welcoming gestures, politeness and attentive service.

Each night, the live music begins at 9pm (which varies from complete live bands, to singers, pianists and others). To this live music one can enjoy an ice cold cocktail or a good meal.

Keep in mind that Albertina Passage usually pays attention to the dresscode which they describe as ‘elegant, chic and stylish’

I personally wore a black and white dress with a retro inspired red-lips makeup look (see header image of this post). 

What I wore

  •           Black and white wrap dress from
  •           Floral dangled Earrings by Zara
  •           Chanel 99 red lipstick
  •           Vintage fur scarf
  •          Lace-up ankle pumps in nude