I am a strong believer that good skin is a crucial confidence booster when it comes to physical appearance, and that in the beauty industry no matter how promising beauty products may seem, it all really begins with good skin in order for everything else to function well.

I have recently switched my focus to my skin care routine, because I admit that work, university commitments and other aspects of my life have a stressful impact on me and that can be seen physically through my skin. I decided to start a regular facial treatment at a local beauty salon which works close with the beauty/skincare brand DERMALOGICA (which by the way I have never tried prior starting this facial treatments). Today, I will share with you my first experience with the brand, and how I felt after the first treatment. 

Why did I choose to do the treatments?

I noticed that my skin is becoming not as healthy looking as I desire it to be, mainly due to stress and work-load that I had recently. Also due to travels in west Africa which have altered my skin-care schedule. I wanted to shift my beauty focus onto skin-care, and by having regular deep cleansing facial treatments I believe I can manage to rejuvenate and maintain a healthier skin. Of course a healthy lifestyle and diet is also crucial in doing so.

Please note that I do not really have major skin problems (such as acne or scarring), however, I do like to maintain a healthy looking skin with good amount of moisture, and well cleansed.

How often do I get the treatment?

The treatment is recommended to be made every 6 weeks to be exact, and that is what I plan to do. For more information about the timing of getting a facial you can read my blog post regarding this matter here.

What does the treatment consist of?

The treatment is basically a 45 minute Dermalogica face treatment consisting of deep cleansing phase, exfoliation, a mask and a moisturizing phase. It is a complete cycle of what your skin really needs once every 6 weeks. The treatment also asks for what problem you wish to solve, personally that would be getting an eve skin tone and getting rid of any pigmentation or scarring resulted from acne few years back. All products used are from Dermalogica (I do not really know the exact name list of the products).

What did my skin feel like after the first session?

As I write this, I actually had two sessions already and booked my third one for the holidays. The first session left my skin extremely clean, that I can literally feel it 'breathe' after leaving the beauty salon.

The main goal of my first session was to head-start my skin and have it perfectly cleansed before continuing with my skin routine, since I did not have it deeply cleansed in a long time due to traveling.

Would I recommend Dermalogica?

I am relatively new to the brand so I do not know much about it, however based on my experience so far I would certainly recommend you to try it out. They have a range of distinct product targeting different skin problems. Their oil control formulas are great for those with oily skin so I strongly recommend those. 

I will continue with the treatment and let you know about the result after a couple of weeks.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post and that I personally purchased the treatments and products from Dermalogica, found them feasible and decided to recommend them to my readers.