There are certain reasons why buying loose diamonds can save you money and this article explains how doing so can be highly profitable. 

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Buying loose diamonds can have a certain appeal that other sorts of diamonds don’t possess. If you are seriously thinking about buying loose diamonds you will discover there are many sellers online that sell precious stones. You may have been looking around for the benefits of purchasing loose diamonds. If you have heard it can save you more money and be a sensible move, you heard correctly. 

It comes down to this, purchasing loose diamonds can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Diamonds for Less is one of the best Toronto jewellery stores where you can save a lot of money when buying wholesale diamonds. This is because it removes the retail mark-up dramatically. Now you can buy certified diamonds online with the official documentation, purchasing wholesale from websites is becoming increasingly popular. Many people also choose to purchase on the Diamond Registry if they are searching for competitive wholesale prices. This is where the majority of sellers go so you will find several people competing. 

This article will discuss some of the potential benefits of purchasing wholesale loose diamonds and how doing so can save you money: 

The wholesale price cuts out retail overheads giving you a much cheaper final price. Because diamonds are handled by many intermediaries from tradesmen to dealers before it gets to the final store, additional charges will be added. When purchasing online you get to skip the middleman and get straight to the real price of the diamond.
Purchasing online loose diamonds tends to be cheaper because there are several sellers competing all under the same roof.
You can easily compare the weightof loose diamonds. If you are looking to save money, buying diamonds just short of their critical weights can save you a lot. The carat weight of the diamond and its size will make a dramatic difference to the price. When shopping online you can easily see the carat weight. So instead of going for the 1.00 carat, you can search for 0.95. Because the pricing is based on these tiers, when the diamond is cut more, it reduces the carat size and decreases in value. Hence you get a significant drop in price for only a small loss in the diamond itself. It is essentially the same but for less money.
When shopping for loose diamonds online you will see the prices drop and your choices increase. Sources say that there is up to 20% price difference between online shops and shopping on the high-street.
If you can, try purchasing your loose diamonds in the summer season to push prices down even further. This is because the wedding season is passing and wholesalers will have more flexibility over their inventory prices.When shopping around Christmas or during Mother’s day, jewellery gifts with diamonds can have a sharp increase in the cost due to the demand. Stay away from the volatile prices and purchase by purchasing your loose diamonds in the summer.

Even though it can be smart to buy loose diamonds online, it’s still highly recommended you do your research. Only buy from websites that sell their diamonds with internationally recognised certificates. 

Remember these great money-saving tips can help you dramatically decrease the cost of your purchase. Thinking about when you buy, what size of carat you buy and choosing your wholesaler wisely can help you make a profitable purchase. You can seethe benefits of purchasing online and the amount of money it can save you. Once you do, you’ll be shopping for loose diamonds online forever!