Black and White are two of my favorite colors! adding a hint of gold in accessorizing the very low key black and white outfits adds luxury to the overall look.

I have received some questions regarding my outfit that I wore during dinner in Zaandam, which I have shared on my social media platforms from the weekend before last; the outfit consisted of a white cape blazer in silk, patterned black and white pants and some golden jewelry to complement the outfit. I therefore decided to set up a complete style pick post about the outfit, for those of you who are interested :).

What am I wearing?

Me, taken in Zaandam

  • Black & White checked pants - I absolutely don't remember where I purchased them, however any black and white checked pants with a formal-feeling would work well with such outfit
  • Basic black tank top
  • White cape blazer available for sale at (great online fashion store offering variety of highly fashionable items with affordable prices, and amazing customer service!)

  • Basic black pumps with a relatively large platform
  • Golden pattered clutch (any gold-toned clutch would work well with this outfit)
  • Golden bangle - again, anything that fits you well with golden tones
  • Golden earrings - I would avoid wearing dangled earrings with a cape blazer

The highlight of the outfit was indeed the white silky cape blazer which I have purchased from; the idea of a cape blazer is - of course - the combination of a cape and a blazer at the same time, which is a fashion trend witnessed currently. My personal styling tips for wearing cape blazers is to keep the outfit minimal with colors, to bring focus to the cape and therefore make your outfit look much more expensive! 

You can shop for very affordable cape blazers (including the one I am wearing in this post!) by clicking here!