I always like to stress the importance of focusing on self-development, whether it is growing personal skills, communication skills or gaining more confidence.

In the last few years, after starting university, I realized that one must always invest time and effort in developing their inter-personal skills, and to also make sure that some of that time is allowed to be used on self-development because it is crucial to grow as a person as time proceeds. This process helps with not only your personal life, but also your professional side when working with people and most importantly on your confidence in the working environment.

I have learnt that I have personally developed to a young woman in the last three years by doing several steps either on a daily basis or in the long-term, which contributed to me becoming a much more confident and self-aware individual. I will be sharing with you three of my personal favorite 'habits' or tactics that I like to use in order to grow as a person ...

Please note that everything which will be mentioned today fits me personally, and could or could not work for others. My sole purpose is to open up with my readers about how I focus on personal development.

"Reading is food for the soul"

I have always enjoyed the company of a book. I always like to spend 30 minutes before sleeping or 30 minutes after waking up on reading. Whether it is a text book, a novel, non-fiction self-development books or even magazines! I have learnt so much about what I like and dislike simply by reading about different topics. I also find myself traveling in my mind when reading about different destinations I wish to step onto, giving me a sense of growth and knowledge expansion.

"Talk to your parents, they know more than what you think they know"

Part of growing up is realizing that your parents are just human beings; I came to realize that rather recently when I saw that they also made mistakes growing up, and are never afraid to share with us their own experiences and life stories. All we have to do is ask, and they are willing to provide an answer. 

Talk to your parents, they have so much to offer you; whether it is guidance, stories packed with morals, or even just a smile! 

"You can always go home"

This statement refers to so many life lessons I have learnt, and try to practice on a day-to-day basis. Firstly, one can never know if there's no place like home! this encouraged an adventurous side in me because part of me is always looking for something just as good as being home within a loving family. This search is still in progress and it urges me to always travel and explore many new places, which opens doors to self-development by meeting distinct new people and therefore learning so much about yourself.

Another way to interpret this phrase is accepting adventure and saying 'yes' to opportunities more, whether it is going out with friends or trying a new sport! Either way, if you don't like it ... there's always a home to go back to so you will not lose anything if you try!