Wigs date back to the ancient Egyptians, who - to me - seemed to be obsessed with physical appearance and external beauty. They truly valued hair and invested in time and resources to make wigs that were thought to make them look prettier. Until today, many of us tend to go for the option of wearing a wig in order to cover any flaws that would make us uncomfortable. Similarly, wigs are now also used for hair styling and to make the hair seem move voluminous.

Today's Balsam Beauty Pick is all about wearing a human hair wig, because I came to notice that - although I don't personally wear wigs or hair extensions - many of us find it a more comfortable option, whether it is for medical reasons or styling!

Firstly, I would like to state several reasons that may cause to opt for the idea of wearing a wig:

  • To hide medical hair loss problems / genetic hair loss problems
  • To make the hair appear to have more volume
  • To change the style of the hair rapidly
  • Costume play (disguise identity)

For whatever reason you choose to wear a wig, I always like to advise to wear human hair wigs instead of synthetic one. This is due to the following two reasons:

Real human hair looks & feels more natural

The texture of human hair is just different than synthetic hair, which makes it look and feel much more natural and therefore look better! Just like our normal hair, a natural human hair wig can undergo the same problems as real hair which is a positive thing in this case! because it makes a wig look so much more natural.

Styling & heat resistance

In cases where you want to further style your wig, human hair wig is heat resistant and will therefore undergo heat styling well ... just like real hair! while with synthetic hair you will have to worry about it melting, and therefore not so easy to style. Synthetic hair wigs have permanent styling which may come off as boring in the longer term.

One downside of buying human hair wigs in comparison to synthetic hair wigs is the pricing of the real human hair wigs; however, the price you pay for will guarantee you a more natural looking hair.