It’s perfectly acceptable to mix gold and silver jewellery. Here’s how to make it look elegant.

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The debate around mixing different metals is outdated. Long ago it was considered gauche and downright tacky to mix gold and silver jewellery. Now, though, the rules are far laxer.  
But this doesn’t make it any easier for women to determine how to mix metals in a way that looks chic and stylish. So here are some tips.

A Wedding Ring Doesn’t Have to Rule to Equation

Should the fact you have a platinum wedding ring stop you from wearing silver jewellery for ever more? Definitely not! The colour of your wedding bands do not even need to be a consideration. 

Don’t Stress About Hardware Colours

Another thing not to worry much about is matching jewellery to shoes and accessories. If the whole idea of combining boots with gold buckles with a silver bracelet has you breaking out in a sweat, then you’re just better off avoiding those buckles. But, really, it’s okay to mix and match unique items for silver bracelets.

The Silver and Gold Should Work Together

What really makes mixing metals work is when the pieces you put together look as though they’re made to be together. If the colours don’t match, then at least have similar styles.

How to Mix Gold and Silver Jewellery

Let’s take a look at how to mix gold and silver. To make the mixing of the metals look elegant, it’s important to make your combination look as though it has a purpose.

1. Wear a Single Piece That Combines Gold and Silver

This is one of the easiest ways to blend metals with your outfits. Wear a single piece that combines metals. Having a piece with both gold and silver in it can take you in either direction, or even both with other pieces. 

2. Stack the Metals

This is another good tip: layer or stack two different metal colours in one place. For instance, layer several necklaces in gold and silver. The goal with this is to combine different metal colours. So you could don a silver watch from with a gold bracelet on one arm and then put on a pair of gold earrings for an overall look. You could further accessorise with items like gold buckle boots and a silver handbag.

3. Bringing in a Third Colour

Do you tend to keep your metals the same for a single outfit? For example, if you’re wearing a silver neck piece then you wear silver earrings? Well, it’s perfectly okay to start mixing it up. Another way to combine different metals is to introduce a third colour. For instance, you could wear a gold necklace with a silver bangle and then add gold and black earrings or even a black cocktail ring to mix things up but still keep it elegant.

Mix Silver and Gold Metals or Don’t Mix At All, It’s All Down to Taste

There really aren’t any firm rules anymore about hot to mix different metals. But it doesn’t mean you have to completely throw your preferences out the window. In fact, the only time you need to mix, if you’re unsure, is when both colours are already included in one outfit. 

If you have been trying to branch out and mix and match gold and silver jewellery, these easy tips should assist you with a way to do it that is stylish, chic, and simply makes sense.

Don’t be afraid to mix your jewellery with other metals to create a cohesive outfit that is a trendsetter.