Good morning filled with love & laughter for all of you.

Love ... is a strong word; being committed by it to another human being holds great importance and value to most of us. It is a gift that one can place in another's hands without asking for anything in return. 

I have always been into wedding planning and I tend to love looking into details when it comes to such events; I came to realize that the most important aspect of planning a wedding is of course the love that is present. Next to that, it is the very first impression you give to your wedding which is solely determined by the invitation you give to your guests.

Vanessa William's wedding invitations, designed and made by Adorn Invitations

This summer, Vanessa Williams - the very well know actress/singer who became rather popular after playing the role of Wilhelmina in Ugly Betty tied the knot with Jim Skrip. I managed to get a look at a few details from their wedding (thanks to the tabloids) and I was amazed by how beautiful their Egyptian themed wedding looked. One thing that particularly caught my attention is the wedding invitations which were spilled in glamour!

The invitations were made by Adorn Invitations - the designers behind the extravagant 14-carat gold-plated invitations designed specifically for Vanessa's wedding. The design journey (luckily) was captured on video, for all of you to take a look at it. You can view it here.

As a person who is enthusiastic about event planning, wedding planning and such things, I find that a wedding invitation must really be the window to the actual wedding ceremony. Therefore, including a touch of your personality on the invitation is always a good idea. As can be seen from Vanessa William's wedding invitation, it reveals the glamorous side of her with all the gold detail and floral patterns. It must also hold a correlation with the overall theme of the wedding, and the color palette used for the decorations in order to remain consistently beautiful. Similarly, a tease of the vibe is usually given with the invitations.

This is also shown from Vanessa's wedding invitations, which show a visible relation between the invitation itself and the overall wedding. You can view a trailer from the wedding here.

If you are almost a bride, and is currently in the chaos of wedding planning, I strongly recommend that you invest some time on the wedding invitations, give a touch of your personality on them, and make your guests excited to actually attend the ceremony! 

The wedding invitations shown on this post are wedding invitations made by Adorn Invitations, based in the UK.