During my recent trip in Ghana, one particular visit which caught my attention was of that to Soronko Solutions - a social enterprise focusing on software development and technology. It aims to use technology as a driving force to make use of the human's potential to the fullest.

TECH NEEDS GIRLS is part of Soronko Solutions foundation, and is a program which makes use of mentoring girls with the use of basic coding and technological skills in order to innovate and stay connected with the world. 
Image source: http://www.soronkosolutions.com/tng.html

Education has always been valuable to me, and I do find it a contributing factor to my personal development as a young woman; the fact that Soronko Solutions provides such mentoring programs to young girls in Ghana to educate them on basic technological skills which will aid their future careers (free of charge) is amazing. Also listening to all the success stories during the visit attracted me more towards the organization, as it helped young girls enter university and receive higher education by providing scholarships and such aid programs. 

Unfortunately, the social aspects in Ghana in rural areas remain unwilling to accept educating the girls, specifically when it comes to technology. Many of the young girls do not have the family support they need in order to continue their education, which is the reason behind many of them not following up with the program. Soronko solutions stated that this is the most challenging aspect of the program: getting the girls in the right mindset to learn technology. 

As a woman who is into HTML coding, and basic technological skills, I find it of utter importance to learn such things in this age. Therefore, I would like to show support by any means. 

If you believe that you have sufficient technological background and education, then you are eligible to volunteer with teaching the girls skills that will make their life better and improve their chance of entering into higher education. For those of you interested, all you have to do is contact Soronko solutions with a little bit about yourself and background, and help make these young girls life a little bit easier. 

You can find all the contact information on their official website here.

With love,